WeatherTite Polycomposite Truck Roller Door

The latest panel to join the Toddco Australia range is the WeatherTite polycomposite panel system that was created by Todco in the USA.

This panel has been created for 2 reasons;

  • As a response to the ever growing world interest in being eco-green, this dry freight door does not rely on a plywood core and,
  • As a response to customer feedback , to improve door durability and life expectancy and tackle the major problem of water penetration.

The weatherTite panel is made from a recyclable polycomposite,  that is extruded all in one piece. The extrusion process creates the extra thick walls, the internal rib and the  patented joint system, that sheds water even when the door is being opened. This makes these panels very durable and tough enough to compete with the plywood cored dry freight doors, all with out the worry about rotting, delamination and swelling in the future. 

We believe the weatherTite panel system will eventually overtake the plywood cored dry freight panels once the transport industry gain confidence in the reliablity and durability of the panel.


If you’re looking for new ideas to get more long-running value out of your trucks and trailers, take a close look at TODDCO’s innovative new WeatherTite™ overhead door.

It’s a tough and attractive new choice, crafted from a polycomposite material that’ll let you shed any worries about the greatest threat to door durability and life: water penetration. The WeatherTite door is impervious to moisture, so it eliminates the problems of swelling, warping, finish delamination and rotting. Plus, it’s rugged enough to stand up to the day-in-and-day-out challenges every fleet faces.

Get all the facts about this latest TODDCO innovation. Then bring on the rainiest days. Now with the WeatherTite door, it’s great weather for TODDCO.

Benifits of the Weathertite Polycomposite Truck Roller Door

  • Single counterbalance spring for effortless operation.
  • Tough doublewall panels are extruded in one piece for added strength.
  • Adjustable top fixtures plus rubber head seal provide tight seal at top of door.
  • Three rows of center hinges standard on panels.
  • No thru rivets on center hinges. Gives the door a smooth surface for an automotive quality paint finish and/or excellent decal adhesion.
  • Aluminum reinforcement straps required for door openings in excess of 2200mm wide.
  • Standard bottom seal for weather protection.
  • Unique joint configuration forces water flow downward, while keeping door panels properly aligned and rigid.
  • Horizontal reinforcement ribs add to the strength.
  • Panel configuration accepts TODDCO standard hardware.
  • Polycomposite construction makes the door impervious to moisture. Smooth, high quality finish makes painting optional. Panels are fully recyclable.
  • Strong four-knuckle end hinges.
  • Unique panel joints designed to form a better water barrier. Also designed for maximum pinch protection.
  • Side seals standard.
Weathertite Truck door
Weathertite unique joint configuration
Weathertite aluminium reinforcement straps
Weathertite adjustable top fixtures

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