Dryfreight - FRP Truck Roller Door

The use of  FRP ( Fibreglass Reinforced Plywood) as a product in the transport industry in Australia began in the 1980's as the transport industry were looking at a smoother, cleaner and tougher exterior for the  trucks and trailers of the day.  The product created by laminating fibreglass skins either side of an piece of exterior grade plywood was initially not easily accepted. The strength, durability and toughness were easy to see but the weight was an issue. A change was required to move away from using existing techniques to build truck bodies and trailers. Once the engineers convinced the body and trailer builders to let the walls do the work and they removed the chassis rails weight was no longer the problem.

Toddco in keeping up with the trends with in the transport industry followed suit and added the FRP panel door to its product range. This product when cut into wide slats then routed on the top and bottom edges to create a tongue and groove has gone onto become the most popular and largest selling dry freight door. The tough,clean usually white exterior and interior finish combined with the durability and wearability created  excellent rear doors but also mobile billboards for clever advertising executives. Exterior colours also became available as operators chased brand or image recognition, however  the extra cost has keep this limited to those companies ordering large numbers only.

The FRP wide side slat roller door is the top of the range in the dry freight market and may only be challenged in the future for this position by its reliance on timber as a core as the world becomes more eco-green. 


Dryfreight -FRP

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