Dryfreight Toughshell Truck Roller Door

The 3/4" or 19mm "Toughshell" panel is a creation of the Todco corportaion in the USA. 

This 3/4"plywood panel has 7 premium grade veneers. The outer veneers are from selected special hardwards to give a smooth and tougher exterior  finish.  Over the exterior and interior surfaces Todco has applied an patented formulation of liquid polymers known as "Toughshell". This state-of- the-art skin coat creates a  barrier against moisture, UV rays, chemicals and temperature as well it removes any trace of the woodgrain from the outer veneers.

The "Toughshell" coated panels are easy to paint as it works as a high quality undercoat/primer and no sanding is required.

When the "Toughshell" panels are fitted into a Toddco wide slat roller door they create a high quality door that looks smooth and clean, is tough and durable and easily matches the more expensive FRP except for its price.


Dryfreight Toughshell

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