Insulated Polarguard Freezer Truck Door


The Polarguard door panel is a creation of the Todco Corportaion in USA.

The Toddco wide slat freezer door is 2 1/2" or 65mm thick and is made from pultruded fibreglass shells filled with moisture resistant, thermally efficent, polyurethane foam. This wide slat door is designed for low temperatures down to -20 Degrees C. 

Each panel has been created with a tongue, that has an intergrated a rubber seal, and a groove that fit perfectly together to stop dust and water getting in, and the cold escaping out. The ends of each panel have a tight fitting polypropylene end cap that help seal the core from the elements and also increases the overall strength of the panel.

The strong, rigid, polyurthane filled, fibreglass shell  that is used, is designed to be puncture and dent resistant and provide a smooth surface for the application of paint or decals. Our  hardware design also assists this smooth finish by there being no through fastenings in the centre of the wide slats of  the door. 

This truck door is built strong and durable and is designed specifically for low temperatures, well below freezing in fact down to -20oC.



Polarguard Freezer Truck Door

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