The Toddco range of wide slat roller doors are all based around a similar design and like any moving part of your trailer or truck, the roller door will need REGULAR maintenance.

So whether you have a 3/4" or 20mm Toughshell painted door or a 2  1/2" or 65mm Polarguard Freezer door the steps required to maintain the door are the same. The only difference in maintaining the different types of doors is the frequency in which you undertake the maintenance.The dry chilled air from a refrigeration unit will rapidly deplete the lubrication qualities of even the highest quality silicon lubricant .

Lubrication is the key to;  easy, longlasting, continuos operation and on going driver satisfaction for your Toddco wide slat roller door. A guide to what needs to be lubricated is available in the downloads list to the right.


Repairing a wide slat Toddco roller door will require 3 things;

  1. Identify which particular Toddco Roller door you have.
  2. Gather the appropriate tools.
  3. Source the information from the web site or contact Toddco to have instructions at hand to tackle the job.

Spare Parts

Because the Toddco range of wide slat roller doors are all based around a similar design many of the parts are similar however each door type has their own specific parts.

Firstly Identify which type of door you have?

Here are some questions that will help you.

  1. Is the truck refrigerated, or does it carry dry freight goods, cartons etc?
  2. How thick is the door panel 3/4" or 20mm, 1 1/8" or 28mm , 2 1/2" or 65mm? 
  3. If it is 3/4" or 20mm , is it a painted finish or a fibreglass finish (an FRP door has a similar finish on both sides of the panel) or is it hollow with ribs?




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