The TODDCO Advantage - Truck Doors

TODDCO has built up a reputation over 25years as a quality manufacturer of wide slat roller doors. Over many years their equipment has been found to be reliable, durable and a well engineered product.

TODDCO wide slat roller doors have been continuously evolving from their early beginnings when they were fully imported units landing on our shores from overseas, to the products of today that typify the tough country of Australia. A large amount of Australian design input, plus a great deal of Australianisation of the hardware has achieved a wide slat roller door that is capable of better handling the harsh daily treatment that can be dealt to it by drivers, forklift drivers and storemen and at the same time meet our customers specific requirements.

Being a local manufacturer, this enables TODDCO to customise our products to suit the individual needs of the transport companies or the individual owner drivers.

Over the years, the TODDCO wide slat roller door has proven itself to be of the highest standard and quality, testimony to the fact that they have kept the product chilled or simply secure for the hundreds of thousands of kilometres that they drive each year.

What makes our products different?

There are 4 core qualities to a TODDCO wide slat roller door:

  1. The hardware
  2. The spring system.
  3. Continual Improvement.
  4. Service and Backup

At TODDCO we have a simple yet effective ethos;

“Design it strong, make it strong and it will roll on and on”

Taking this company ethos into these core qualities, the first thing anybody comparing, a TODDCO wide slat roller door with another manufacturers wide slate door, will notice is that they look stronger. The materials used in all the hardware has been “beefed up”. By hardware, we mean the rollers, the track, the hinges and locks, all the parts that enable the individual wide slats to move from the vertical to the horizontal. Each piece of hardware on a TODDCO door has been improved, made stronger, made better or altered slightly so that from the smallest piece to the largest they will all last longer. Penny pinching for a gain is not a consideration at TODDCO. If the top of the range precision rollers do the best job and last the longest that is what is installed.

Our second core quality is the “heart and soul” of every TODDCO wide slat door, the spring or counterbalance system. They are the 2 key components that make our doors roll up and down. The shaft, which supports the spring and cable drums, creates the foundations for the operating system. It started life, back in the early days, as a simple steel pipe. However it soon became obvious that it could not last the distance and so following our time worn ethos it was changed and the alternative needed to be stronger and last on and on. The solid steel shaft was an immediate success as it provided the strong, basically indestructible, foundation for the counterbalance system. It has proved over time to be almost impossible to bend or break and no matter what some operators have tried the solid shaft has never worn away.

With the great spine to the system the spring was the next to be worked on. Other manufacturers have 2 springs, some use big diameter springs, some use long or short springs. TODDCO has created a series of custom built springs, made locally, to work effectively and consistently with the various types of wide slat roller doors we produce. These springs require less turns, but have the inbuilt, enduring, strength to create the effortless control of the door from the bottom initial lift to fully open. They will out last and out preform all the others springs because they are less stressed and fatigued, from having less turns applied.

The third core quality of the TODDCO wide slat roller door is our company’s desire to improve the functionality and operation of our doors, to meet our customers varied requirements. At TODDCO we gather and analyse information for trends using the continuous feedback we source throughout the country. This helps to guide us to areas that require improvements or modifications and steer us toward future trends and advancements.

The forth core quality is one that most customers would believe is the most important. The back up and service once a door has been installed. Well, so do we at TODDCO! Not only do we have a network of people and companies around Australia capable of servicing and installing doors we have a team of very experienced people who will answer and help with any problems over the phone. The people at TODDCO HQ in Dandenong Victoria have a combined 45years in the transport industry to assist with any query. Also TODDCO HQ has a full range of spare parts available at all times that can usually be shipped the same day.


Other benefits to a TODDCO wide slat door?

These may seem small things in the big scheme of a transport operation however we think they are just as important.

  • TODDCO has maintained a uniformity of parts across its’ range of products to make ordering of components easier, it also makes servicing and understanding of the operations of the doors easy for everybody. Whether the door is insulated and holding in the cold or in a dry freight application, the parts are generally the same or very similar.
  • Today, the TODDCO range of wide slat roller doors, are the industry standard. They are used by most of Australia’s largest transport operators, and in many cases are specified. Companies such as Woolworths, Linfox and Aldi, along with many, many others have joined the wide slat revolution. Come on board!

TODDCO wide slat roller doors, designed STRONG and built STRONG.

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