About UsToddco Australia was founded by Gerald Otten in 1990. Gerald, a 29 year old engineer, immediately bought  many engineering based improvements to the product his father had introduced to the transport industry 4 years earlier, as the Mobile Door Company. 

Two years later, Toddco Australia expanded into docklevelers and dock related equipment and an already busy factory in Bayswater, Victoria ,was to become even more overcrowded as orders for both products and the need for more staff increased.

Throughtout the 90's Gerald worked hard to promote both the wide slat roller door and the dock equipment and slowly gained a small, active band of customers . In the early 2000's industry acceptance and a growing reputation based on quality and dependablity saw the demand for both products accelerate.

Gerald has had a hands-on approach to the development , the physical construction and installation of both of Toddco's mainstream products and today, his intimate knowledge and experience is boundless and although Toddco Australia has grown significantly, customers can still access this information as he still works in and puts his hands on, all parts of the business.

Today, Toddco Australia's customers come from all corners of this huge country as well New Zealand and the Asian region and Gerald and his small energetic team, now in Dandenong, work hard at keeping up with demand, while maintaining the high quality and dependablity that is the trademark of the company.

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